Speak up for Children’s Health Insurance Program

With the health care of more than 200,000 children of working families on the line, it’s time for Congress to fully reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The 20-year-old program, with covers approximately 9 million children across the country,...

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#KillTheBill scripts for Portman

Scripts for #KillTheBill Senator Portman supported TrumpCare the first time around, but he can still make up for it by opposing Graham-Cassidy. There are plenty of reasons why Sen. Portman should oppose this bill--like the fact that it would cut federal funding for...

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Let’s Call Senator Portman About Trumpcare!

You might have heard or read that members of various Ohio Indivisible groups went to DC to visit Senator Portman because he refuses to hold a Town Hall to hear our concerns about his plans to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.  We can't stop pressuring him.  We...

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Ohio Resistance Guide

Innovation Ohio has published the Ohio Resistance Guide for political activists looking to make a difference at the state level. Innovation Ohio writes, You have read the Indivisible Guide. You have made your voice heard in Washington. But the resistance has many...

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Crunch time in Senate on Gorsuch

Senate Republicans will look to push Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination through the Senate this week, a dramatic turnaround after holding the Supreme Court seat open for over a year. Ohio residents in opposition to the Gorsuch nomination are now facing a fast-approaching...

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Sample scripts: H.Res 186 to see Trump’s tax returns

Unlike every other presidential candidate in recent history—Democrat or Republican—President Trump has refused to release his tax returns to the American people. Given that every day brings another revelation about the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia, this issue is more important now than ever. What is President Trump trying to hide?

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Call to action: Raise Ohio’s minimum wage

Last week, we won a major victory in the fight against the American Health Care Act! Congratulations to each of you who made a phone call or a visit to a member of Congress in opposition to that bill! But our focus on healthcare last week meant that our state...

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Sample script: Trumpcare

TOPIC: TRUMPCARE TARGET: SENATOR ROB PORTMAN First try Columbus, then DC, then one of the other Ohio offices. If you get a busy signal or voicemail, try again until you get a person, if possible. (Columbus Office: 614-469-6774; Main Switchboard 202-224-3121; DC Office...

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Area Resistance Events

September 2022

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • NO Meeting: Indivisible Central Ohio Monday Night Meeting
  • OHCentral Voter Registration Training and Supplies Distribution
  • Ohio's Key Races and The Importance of Voting Down Ballot
  • ReSisters of Central Ohio Courage of Conviction Award 2022
  • In Person Letter and Postcard Party
  • Social Media Activism with OPAL!
  • Indivisible Central Ohio Monday Night Meeting
  • OHCentral Voter Registration Training and Supplies Distribution
  • Great Troublemaker Turnout Training
  • Putting People Over Politics: The Future of Our Democracy with Moore v. Harper
  • Big Send with the Hamilton cast
  • Dublin Community Canvass
  • Vote for Honesty in Education Statehouse Rally
  • Fair Districts Ohio Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
  • Columbus Postcard Party for Gun Sense Candidates
  • Linden Community Walk
  • Indivisible Central Ohio Monday Night Meeting
  • Raise the Roof Fundraiser & Party for Justice Jennifer Brunner
  • Moms Demand Action Elections Training
  • OHCentral Voter Registration Training and Supplies Distribution
  • Thursday Action Group Meeting
  • Relational Organizing Training
  • Dublin Community Canvass
  • UA Progressive Action Annual Picnic
  • Indivisible Central Ohio Monday Night Meeting
  • Who’s Who in 2022
  • Workers First Campaign phone bank with Shannon Watts
  • Social Media Activism with OPAL!
  • OHCentral Voter Registration Training and Supplies Distribution
  • Indivisible Central Ohio Picnic
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