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Hi, My name is                                        and I am a constituent from                                     (city,zip)

It is very important to me that Senator Portman votes “no” on Trumpcare. According to the CBO, Trumpcare will result in 24 million Americans losing their health care over the next 10 years. It will mean higher premiums for many Americans, worse coverage options, and even millions of people with employer coverage will lose their coverage as a result of this bill.

Trumpcare also cuts $880 billion in funding for Medicaid, which will result in 14 million Americans from working families losing their coverage. It does all of this in order to give a major tax cut to the wealthiest Americans, insurance companies, drug companies and other corporations like medical device companies. This is unacceptable.

The CBO is a well respected, nonpartisan office that does cost estimates of major bills to make sure that the public understands the full impact of bills like Trumpcare. Republicans and Democrats alike have relied on CBO estimates for decades and so there is no reason to believe its analysis is wrong. The CBO score is clear in that millions of Americans will lose coverage because of Trumpcare.