Vigil for the Vulnerable on Saturday 7/8

Sen. Rob Portman said he wants to protect "the most vulnerable in our society." If he votes for the AHCA/BCRA, he will put vulnerable Ohioans at risk. Statewide vigils will be held outside Children's Hospitals throughout Ohio while Sen. Portman is home during Recess...

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Mathematical Efforts to Solve the Gerrymandering Problem

Over the last few years, mathematicians have been studying how various algorithms can be used to draw up fair legislative districts. Here are two recent articles about different approaches: Can Math Solve the Congressional Redistricting Problem? Will Geometric Group...

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AP Analysis Shows How Gerrymandering Has Benefited the GOP

"The AP scrutinized the outcomes of all 435 U.S. House races and about 4,700 state House and Assembly seats up for election last year using a new statistical method of calculating partisan advantage. It’s designed to detect cases in which one party may have won,...

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From AARP: Senate Health Reform Bill Slashes Medicaid Severely

Excerpt: By dramatically reducing the per capita cap growth factor beginning in 2025, we project that the Senate bill would cut between $2.0 and $3.8 trillion from total (federal and state) Medicaid spending over the 20-year period between 2017 and 2036 for the four...

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Join the People’s Hearing on the ACA Repeal

On Wednesday 6/28 from 9-10 am, many organizations are pulling together to hold a hearing on the ACA repeal bill currently pending in the Senate since the Senate doesn't plan to hold any hearings before a vote.   Join them at Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square...

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Statewide Action to stop TrumpCare: Friday 6/23 at Noon

Join concerned constituents from Columbus and throughout the central Ohio area for a die in to protest the Senate's version of the AHCA. Simultaneous events at Senator Portman's other Ohio offices will allow us to send a clear message that the AHCA is unacceptable....

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Let’s Call Senator Portman About Trumpcare!

You might have heard or read that members of various Ohio Indivisible groups went to DC to visit Senator Portman because he refuses to hold a Town Hall to hear our concerns about his plans to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.  We can't stop pressuring him.  We...

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How Things Work at the Ohio Statehouse

If you're wondering how Ohio state politics differs from politics at the national level, this Facebook Public Group is for you! This group will help you make your voice heard by your Representatives and Senators in the Statehouse. They hold seminars all over Ohio so...

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Area Resistance Events

July 2017

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Counter protest to Trump rally
  • Urban Farming Part Two
  • Women United Benefit Show
  • Women United Benefit Show
  • LGBTQ prom
  • Women United Benefit Show
  • Pride & Protest: A Community Conversation
  • Yoga Basics With Megan
  • Food IS Medicine: The Power of Plants (Columbus - Portia's Cafe)
  • Columbus Veggie 5K Walk & Run
  • Senate and House State/District Work Period
  • AIS Queer Roundtable
  • Senate and House State/District Work Period
  • Commit to Vote at the Northland Independence Day Parade
  • Doo Dah Parade Imperial March
  • 34th Annual Doo Dah Parade + Party!
  • Commit to Vote at the Doo Dah Festival
  • Death of Democracy Doo Dah Funeral March
  • Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana
  • Senate and House State/District Work Period
  • Save Medicaid, Save Lives Rally! by CareSource
  • Teach-in: Understanding the Grand Jury
  • Senate and House State/District Work Period
  • at Tiberi's
  • Columbus Sit-In to #StopTrumpcare
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Monthly Meeting
  • Senate and House State/District Work Period
  • The Sit-In Continues #WaitingForPortman
  • Doug & Dimples Variety Show-Huckleberry House Benefit
  • Columbus Cookout with or without Portman
  • Growing Right Oral History Project Central Ohio Pop-Up Tour
  • 1 Lap For Ptsd Awareness
  • Taste the Future 2017
  • House District Work Period
  • Doug & Dimples Variety Show-Huckleberry House Benefit
  • Books, Berries & Breakfast
  • Canvass to protect our health care
  • Tamales for a Cause with Tamales Together
  • Trail Volunteers at Summer Jam West
  • Booth Volunteers For Summer Jam West
  • Community Outreach Event
  • Yoga for the Bunnies!
  • 50 Plates of Rice - Picnic
  • Vigil for the Vulnerable Columbus
  • Free Press Second Saturday Salon - July 2017
  • Shimmies for Kitties 3
  • House District Work Period
  • July litter league pickup
  • Volunteer & Grill at the Bike Trail Mural
  • Studio 614 Fundraiser
  • Picnic
  • First All OH12 Indivisible Picnic and Potluck Party!
  • House District Work Period
  • Big Pharma Market Failure
  • Info & Petitions - Columbus Community Bill of Rights Campaign
  • NLC Columbus Launch Party
  • The People's Townhall: Speakout on Trumpcare
  • Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana
  • Stop The Execution Vigil at Riffe Tower
  • Save Medicaid, Save Lives! Rally by What Happens Tomorrow
  • Launching the Nat'l Inst. on Civil Discourse
  • Land Grant Fundraiser and Adoption Event
  • Fundraiser for Beth Liston
  • Human Trafficking: What does that mean?
  • at Tiberi's
  • Defend Our Health: Public Health Roundtable
  • Women/Trans/Femme Shop Night
  • Bastille Day Celebration
  • Bi Local July Happy Hour
  • King-Lincoln District Canvassing Day
  • Night of 100 Drag Queens
  • West Side Community Baby Shower
  • Food & Wellness
  • FCW Fundraiser at Land Grant Brewing Co.
  • Restored Citizens & Communities for Change - Monthly Meeting
  • Let's Celebrate Elbridge Gerry's Birthday!
  • Branching Out: Emerging Leaders Environmental Mixer
  • Kill the Bill!
  • 100 Women Who Care Summer Meeting
  • Ready for 100 Coalition Launch
  • The Current: Fake News And You
  • Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana
  • Stivers' Lancaster office
  • Stivers Summer Stakeout
  • Bird Dogging Training
  • Bird-Dogging Training with Indivisible OH12
  • at Tiberi's
  • The Columbus Queer Open Mic & Social ft. Christine Horvath
  • Taste of Iraq
  • 10th Annual Ride4Autism
  • Rally Against Portman and Pence
  • 2017 Chadwick Arboretum Open House
  • Tell City Council "No"
  • BlackPride4-led Community Conversation
  • House vote on “Arbitration rule” CRA -- Tell Your MoC to leave rule in place
  • Possible "Motion To Proceed" Vote on TrumpCare
  • Food Drive benefitting CRC- Clintonville-Beechwold Resource Cent
  • Queer Yoga's Tuesday Tadasana
  • Spoken word/open mic night to support the BlackPride4
  • Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Russia Election Interference
  • July Weinland Park Community Meeting
  • Ohio Fair Courts Working Group Meeting
  • July Green Drinks
  • Resist Trump: 6 month enviro review
  • at Tiberi's
  • Women/Trans/Femme Shop Night
  • Gay for Clay-Quarter Social for G4G
  • Diversified Urban Development Farm Tour
  • Our Lives Are on the Line: National Day of Action
  • Columbus Disabilities Fest
  • Columbus to Gaza: Solidarity Rally
  • PJP, DSA, and ISO Presents "The Path To Freedom Out Of Modern Day Slavery"
  • Fifth Annual Gathering of 1,000 Drummers & Dancers 2017
  • House District Work Period
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