A new bill in the Ohio House of Representatives seeks to establish automatic voter registration in Ohio. Under this bill, citizens would automatically be registered to vote at the time of certain life events, such as turning 18 or getting a state ID or driver’s license. This type of legislation increases voter registration and makes it easier for citizens to vote.

If you need to find out the name and phone number of your Ohio representative, click here and use the member search tool on the bottom left.

Call on your Ohio representative to support HB14. If you’d like, you can use the following script:

I am calling to ask my Ohio Rep. to support HB14. Automatic voter registration increases voter registration, makes the registration system more efficient and reduces costs. I want my Ohio Rep. to support HB14 with both a public statement and a vote YES on HB14.

Be sure to give the staff member who answers your call your name and your full address, including your zip code, to ensure that you are counted as a constituent.