Who – Stivers is colluding with a Nazi sympathizer.

 What/When – Let’s call him out…out of the shadows and into the light of day, out of office one year from now, and on the phone all day Election Day 2017. Let’s call him out with letters to the editor all week long.

Where – all of his offices – burn the phone lines up. Voicemail is good, but don’t stop until you get a human to annoy.

How –  District 15 resistance groups have two-hour shifts: 9–11, 11–1, 1–3, 3–5.

See the Google document to sign up or find the two-hour window your group is calling.

You do not have to sign up for a specific time or group! But please take 15 minutes before or after you vote, and keep them on the phone! Create a list of your concerns and start in on them after castigating Steve for his collusion. The idea is to annoy and pester staff so that they do not have time to work on their cruel policies and questionable alliances!

For more links and background information, check out this earlier post. You can also download this PDF document that contains background information, talking points, and a script to keep them talking!

Facebook event link

PS. This image is a Photoshop collage of Stivers, Bannon, and the devil shaking hands.