Tell Your MoCs to Stand Up for Childhood Arrivals and Co-Sponsor S.1615 and H.R. 3591

Tuesday afternoon’s rally outside the Ohio Union, OSU, saw hundreds of people come out to support our friends and neighbors who are DACA recipients.

Channel 10TV’s coverage was especially solid:

Channel 28, a Fox station, estimated the crowd as “at least 100 people,” but attendees agree with Channel 10 that the number topped out at about 260.

Indivisible groups in central Ohio organized this rally as a rapid response event to #DefendDACA. Now we’re tasked with making sure our members of Congress know that central Ohio welcomes its Dreamers as important members of our communities. Our MoCs must do the right thing by these young adults, and we must keep pressuring them to do so.

The DACAhandout has DACA information as well as the contact information and past positions of all our MoCs.

Check out the discussions in our (closed) Facebook groups and let us know how you want to get involved!

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