Let’s call Senator Portman and make sure that he knows why cutting FEMA is such a bad idea.

The President has been widely criticized for proposed cuts to FEMA. Call your lawmakers and let them know that we can’t afford a “penny-wise, pound foolish” budget that skimps on federal emergency management. Trumps FY 2018 budget proposes massive FEMA cuts to state and local disaster preparedness grants ($667 million) and FEMA’s Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program funding ($90 million). It also eliminates the National Flood Insurance Program’s Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis Program.   Read more.

Portman’s Phone Numbers: DC: 202-224-3353; Columbus: 614-469-6774; Cincinnati: 513-684-3265; Cleveland: 216-522-7095; Toledo: 419-259-3895; Main Switchboard: 202-224-3121.
Please keep calling and try not to leave a voicemail if you can.
Hi, I’m [NAME], a constituent calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m worried about victims of natural disasters like Tropical Storm Harvey. Trump’s proposed FY 2018 budget makes massive cuts to FEMA funding, and I want Senator Portman to oppose it. Please ask the Senator to do whatever it takes to make sure we are not skimping on emergency management. Proposed cuts to disaster preparedness grants and the National Flood Insurance program put Americans’ lives at risk. Please follow up with me at [CONTACT INFO] to let me know how Senator Portman plans to advocate for disaster preparedness and relief. Thanks for taking my call!

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