Columbus’s own green radio station, WGRN 94.1, interviewed District 15 representatives while we were staffing the ComFest table and collecting petition signatures all weekend. We discussed the Indivisible movement and the redistricting petition drive with Victoria Parks.

The interview will air Tuesday, July 18, at 9:30 a.m. on WGRN. It’s a low-power FM station, so if you’re unable to catch it on the airwaves, visit for live streaming. You can also get the app at the Google Play Store to stream on your devices.

WGRN is a locally operated nonprofit radio station focusing on  promoting the Key Green Values, which are based on the Four Core Principles of Ecological wisdom, Social justice, Grassroots democracy, and Nonviolence. A lineup of interesting programs including Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! will get you through the most difficult of days!