Help us maintain a consistent presence to remind Rob Portman that HE works for US and he must stand against the AHCA!

Wednesday, June 28, noon–1 p.m.
37 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Rally outside Portman’s office during lunch hour to save the health and wellbeing of millions of Ohio families and children who depend on the provisions of the ACA to access affordable insurance. Rally for the continued support Medicaid provides to students with disabilities, poor children, and the elderly. Insist that Portman pressure the current administration to reinstate the promised ACA funding so that more Ohio insurers will stay in the market!

We’re going to focus on two opposing sides of this bill: tax cuts for the wealthy and healthcare cuts for the people of Ohio.

Bring a double sided sign with you if you can. On one side, write “Tax cuts for the wealthy.” On the other side, write a message about how the bill cuts healthcare for the people of Ohio. Here are some ideas: “Medicaid cuts for Ohio’s children,” “Medicaid cuts for Ohioans with disabilities,” “Medicaid cuts for Ohioans in nursing homes,” “Affordability cuts for elderly Ohioans,” “Coverage cuts for Ohioans with pre-existing conditions,” “Essential benefits cuts for the people of Ohio,” “Medicaid cuts for Ohioans recovering from drug addiction,” “Coverage cuts for Ohio’s women,” “Job cuts for Ohio communities.”

At the rally, we’ll alternate messages to highlight the contrast and show Senator Portman just how bad the AHCA is for Ohio!

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