Results are in for Vote with a Pong!

Visitors to the Lancaster Community Days Festival May 12–14, 2017, who stopped by the Indivisible Ohio District 15 booth were treated to a voting game. We asked them to vote by pong for the issue they believed was most important to their community. Here are the results.

By a wide margin, drug addiction was the community’s greatest concern. One-third of players identified it as most important. Second was bringing decent jobs to the community. Entitlement programs, health care, and education also gained roughly 1 in 7 votes each. Not a single vote was cast for a member of Congress to spend time raising funds for his national political party.

Other responses (write-in votes)

We allowed visitors to toss a white ping pong ball into the tank if they felt another issue warranted their vote. They wrote their issue (or they dictated to us) on a paper tally, which we added to the tank. Here are their votes:

  • Put the drug addicts in vacant schools for rehab with doctors and nurses to administer aid to help them get off drugs
  • Local road repairs
  • Gun violence
  • Helping the homeless (2 votes)
  • Human trafficking
  • Less government, more freedom, back to the Constitution (ACA and AHCA are bad)
  • Immigration, illegal immigrants
  • Government corruption, especially in Morgan County

Download the brief: Results are in for Vote with a Pong