Community Outreach to Rural Voters

Are you in an Indivisible or progressive group in District 15? Are you a District 15 constituent who wants to hold your representatives accountable? Join us at the next district-wide training for District 15 and other groups interested in reaching constituents directly!

Sunday, May 21

1:00–3:00 p.m.

Fairfield County Board of Elections

951 Liberty Dr., Lancaster, Ohio

Former District 15 Representative Mary Jo Kilroy will open the workshop with some of her experiences with direct, grassroots organizing and community outreach. The meeting will continue with an update on the different groups throughout the district and our plans for district-wide communication and coordination.

Three targeted workshops will help you gain practical skills you can use to reach out to your neighbors and community. Although the workshops focus on rural voters, the strategies you’ll learn and practice can be applied anywhere!

Our three hands-on learning modules are

  • Identifying the Issues in Your County
  • Framing Conversations with Rural Voters
  • Ways to Reach Rural Voters

Through the workshop, you’ll gain insights into how to apply these approaches to connect with voters of any background and voters from any location, so you won’t want to miss this event, even if you’re in the city!

Please sign up for this event using our Google form so we can prepare materials.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Mary Jo Kilroy

Help us welcome our incredible guest, Mary Jo Kilroy, the former U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 15th congressional district, who will kick off our day with her “lessons learned” working to reach rural voters.

Learn more about Ms.Kilroy