In case you have any doubts—if your phone calls have been ignored, your emails dismissed, your faxes shredded and you still think there might be a reasonable person representing you—Representative Steve Stivers believes that all we want is to be bullies: “This so-called ‘resistance’ is not asking for a constructive dialogue,” he said. “They want to yell, they want to scream, they want to cause a commotion,” he says.

From Politico: “Indeed, several times during the 30-minute conversation Stivers accused protesters of showing up at district congressional offices unannounced, scaring staffers and making threats. He argued they’ve crossed the line.”

Please read the full article at Politico to see how Stivers is truly “representing” you to the media. And after you do, make sure to tell him your thoughts. But keep in mind his sensitivity to “bullying behavior”….