Wow — what a great kick-off meeting! It was so exciting to feel the energy in the room and know that so many people are committed to getting organized, getting active, and fighting the Trump agenda.  We had 600 people sign in at the meeting! And now we have 1,000+ on our email list, and that is growing very quickly.   Pat Tiberi and Rob Portman are going to feel some heat!

Scroll down to connect with us, learn about finding or forming a local indivisible group in the 12th District, ways to take action this week, and general resources.

Get connected

– Check us on TWITTER, and use our twitter handle: @OhioDistrict12
– Watch your email for a survey coming soon where you can tell us about skills to share, etc.

Starting or Finding a Local Indivisible Group in the 12th District

Our goal is to help you form and join Indivisible groups. With 1200 members already, we should have lots of  groups of about 10-15 members, each of which will grow and split and multiply. We will strive to provide you with any resources you need to get organized and get active. But you can take the first steps (and may not need much help at all)!

Starting a group:
– Register at
– Create an event on our FB page and cross share to other pages. Invite friends!
– Use the resources posted below and in the “Files” tab on our FB page to help you get started.
– Reach out to us for help. One of us can attend your first meeting, for example.
– Send us your info and link so we can share to your neighbors.  Use this form.

Finding a Group:
– Search by zip code at
– Look on our FB page for groups that have already been posted.
– Coming soon: We will add a document to the files area of our FB page with links to local groups.
– In our next email we will post links to as many groups as possible.

Staying in touch:
– Let us know if you are leading a group. Fill out the form.
– Encourage your members to join our FB group and register their email at this link so we can be in touch directly as well.

We’re excited that so many of you are already jumping in and forming groups and getting started, and we look forward to helping everyone find a group home as needed. But even before you join a group you can start taking actions!

Action Items

If you browse through the posts on our FB page, you will find numerous Calls to Action relating to the latest news, cabinet appointments, and Executive Orders. Everyday choose something to do. Or two! Or more.  (If you’re not on FB, open the handout from our meeting below – you’ll find ideas for calling your representatives.  Right now, we’re focusing on saving the ACA and opposing nominees such as DeVos.)

1. Follow through on the action you said you would take yesterday at the meeting!
Tweet and share what you are doing.  Include hastags like #OH12 #Indivisible #saveACA and mention us @OhioDistrict12 so we can retweet you.

2. Click to Sign the PETITION to Congressman Pat Tiberi demanding a town hall meeting before repealing the ACA.

3. Click to Sign Up to visit Portman’s office.

4. Join one of the phone trees on our FB page, or set up one of your own. We can have multiple phone trees going all day at multiple offices.

5. Attend a rally this week:

– Tuesday Rally to Stop Trump in front of Sen. Portman’s Office at noon.

– Find more rallies and actions daily at the ProgressOhio Action Calendar.

6. Share this link with 5 friends who might want to be added to our email list.
You can also add them to the FB group.

Resources for you
– The Indivisible Guide  (our playbook)
– Anti-Trump Resources (more added periodically, so check back)
– Handout from our first meeting
– Agenda from our first meeting
– Slideshow from our first meeting

We want to thank each and every one of you for getting up, getting involved, and taking action! Spread the word, and we will magnify our impact.

Last but not least, thanks to the many people who jumped up to help us plan and execute our meeting! This includes but is not limited to: Richard Crawford, Kathleen Hildenbrand, Laurel Feigley, Ellen Armstrong, John Gatiss, Seth Kraut, Colleen Laich, Constance Hall, Daria Denoia, Michael Lange, Kimberly Morgan, Paula Rumbaugh, Susan Berntson, Mike McLaughlin, and Emily!

Thank you!

Mia Lewis, Sara Sampson and the Indivisible Ohio District 12 Team

P.S. As we mentioned at the meeting, the Truth Team for District 12 and Indivisible Ohio District 12 have merged in order to do more with less. We welcome people from any political background and are independent of the ODP.


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